Humbug Information/Media Pack

Humbug is a Celtic oriented band playing mainly traditional and contemporary Irish and Scottish songs and tunes- some to dance to, stomp your feet to, sing-a-long with and some to stir your heart. Humbug has been playing at festivals, pubs, clubs, celebrations and events for years and is passionate about Celtic music. Featuring soaring harmonies, groovy rhythms, tapestried instrumentation and solid bass lines.  

With the release of their fifth album "Fields of Barley", Humbug is celebrating acclaim and recognition as an inspiring and highly entertaining and engaging Celtic band.  

Humbug is Mal Bennett on vocals and guitar, Rachel Antone on vocals and percussion, Frank Nizynski on vocals and bass and Simone Dawson on flute, whistles and vocals. 

Come along and share the joy of Celtic music with Humbug. 

Phone - Mal Bennett- 0400225360, Rachel Antone- 0406400916 , Simone Dawson- 0407621900

“Humbug is a favourite at the Goulburn Club. Superb musicians with clever arrangements and pleasant harmonies, they interpret folk songs in a very engaging way. They are a band that is always entertaining and never fails to engage the audience either in listening, singing along or dancing to upbeat tunes. Humbug are always welcome at the Goulburn Club.” Ron McLaughlin - events Co-ordination, The Goulburn


 "My love of 3 piece harmonies was greatly fulfilled this morning when Jenn and I heard the vtery talented Celtic band ‘Humbug’ at the Kingston Markets.  What a great blend of voices from the old and the new.  A couple of great legends in the band, my good ole ‘shipmate’ Frank Nizinski and  comrade Malcolm Bennett and two lovely talented much younger (sorry guys) ladies."- Val Starr  (May 2016)
Online links, including website, You Tube Clips, Facebook and Reverbnation: 
You Tube- Boys Come Rolling Home 
You Tube- Hills Of Connemara 
You Tube- John Anderson 
Themed Workshops for festivals: 
Through Emigrant Eyes– songs of Irish migration (in all it’s guises) 
More than 80 million people (which is over 13 times the population of Ireland itself) make up the Irish diaspora – emigrants and their descendants who live in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and many more. Famine, persecution, poverty, conviction and even slavery were all instrumental in the exile of so many from their homeland. For some it was for a better life, others were not so lucky – but the journeys of these Irish emigrants have left us a rich legacy in song and stories. 
Humbug will present a concert of songs telling of the many facets of Irish migration – the joy, the sorrow, the suffering and the yearning for home.  
Burns Tribute Concert 
In honour of the best-known Scot of them all, Robbie Burns, Humbug present original arrangements of some of his well-known and much-loved songs, interwoven with stories of his short life. From this most prolific of poets, Humbug has chosen some favourites to showcase the depth of his talent – from the stirring anti-war protest ‘Ye Jacobites’ to the poignant ballad of unrequited love ‘A Red, Red Rose’. The band will also introduce some original arrangements of lesser-known Burns poems. 
Program description: 
Humbug weave a tapestry of vocal harmonies, funky rhythms and soaring instrumentation to breathe energy and beauty into contemporary and traditional Celtic songs and tunes. Bring your voices to sing with us, bring your dancing shoes to frolic with us and bring a tissue to dab your eyes! We will take you on a journey through the emerald fields and through the highlands and the heathers. 
Act Description: 
Humbug- Celtic band plays Irish and Scottish traditional and contemporary songs 
and tunes- sing-a-longs, heart moving and toe tapping. Vocals, flute, whistles, 
congas, bass, strings. 
General- mixed of Irish and Scottish songs and tunes 
Themed concerts- Robbie Burns Tribute, Emerald Isle, Irish Migration. 
Workshops- harmony singing, flute, whistle. 
Other Performances: 
Songs and dances from Ireland- a couple of simple dances, some sing-a-long 
songs that children can play percussion to. 
Performers Info: 
Mal Bennett- vocals, guitar, banjo, fiddle 
Rachel Antone- vocals and percussion 
Frank Nizynski- vocals and bass 
Simone Dawson - flute and vocals